Issues & Platform

The role of a school board trustee is that of an ombudsperson or liaison between the community and the school board. Trustees are responsible for the budget, programs and policies that govern the board's operations. While being a school board trustee is paid as a part-time job, it truly is a full-time responsibility. Below are some of the issues and priorities that I'm passionate about as a candidate.

You can click on each  yellow box  to learn more about my thoughts and plan to build a better catholic school board that works for everyone.

Mental Health

Advocating for increased funding for board-wide mental health programs for both staff and students.

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Special Education

Working with the board's Special Education Advisory Committee to improve the quality of special education.

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Provincial Partnerships

Commitment to lobbying the Ontario provincial government for smaller classroom sizes and increased board funding.

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Fiscal Responsibility

Being mindful of the board's spending while ensuring that important programs get the funding they need to thrive. 

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Education Equality

Standing up for at-risk students and their families.

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Accountability & Transparency

Fostering open communication between our community and the board.

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